The Zero Energy Schools Accelerator

The Zero Energy Schools Accelerator aims to address barriers and develop replicable solutions to assist school stakeholders seeking to advance zero energy K–12 schools. Working closely with school districts, states, and related national organizations, the Accelerator creates and provides free resources to make zero energy K–12 schools mainstream while enhancing the educational environment for our nation’s students.

Energy consumption represents the second highest operational expense to schools, second only to salaries. Each year, a significant portion of taxpayer dollars are spent on school utility expenses, thereby cutting into funding that could be allocated to resources for students.

On average, zero energy schools can use between 65%–80% less energy than conventionally constructed schools, and the remaining energy required is supplied by renewable energy. In addition, zero energy schools can become prominent community landmarks that educate a new generation of students with science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) skills critical to our nation’s future.

A successful zero energy school utilizes techniques with widespread potential for replication. Given this opportunity, the Zero Energy Schools Accelerator captures strategies to advance market transformation toward widespread zero energy construction.